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Lisa Palmer

Chief Technical Advisor
Lisa is the Chief Technical Advisor for Splunk who brings Data-to-Everything. Her career imbues her with perspective from technology practitioner to enterprise sales, research, and executive advisory. Prior to Splunk, she was Vice President and Americas Regional Manager for Gartner Executive Programs leading delivery of advisory services for 900+ commercial and state/local government c-suite executives. She also previously held leadership roles at Microsoft and a combined CIO/CMO role in Financial Services.

Lisa is passionate about the ethical application of technology, particularly data and artificial intelligence. She vehemently believes that purpose and profits can - and should - co-exist. She holds a Bachelor’s in Engineering, an MBA, and is a doctoral candidate with a focus on practical enterprise application of Artificial Intelligence. She is a Technology Board Director for the United Way, a professor of marketing and finance at Southern Nazarene University, and an active proponent and mentor for women in technology.

Fun facts about Lisa:
• Grew up on a farm and the first vehicle she ever drove was a combine
• Made the college varsity softball team by hitting a run scoring triple during open try-outs
• Rode a roller coaster to disembark from the Great Wall of China